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Everyone has faith or confidence in something for purpose and meaning of life.  Everyone has something that they are reaching for, that they are pursuing, that they feel will bring them happiness and satisfaction. 

Let’s try a little activity. List what you think are the things people believe will bring them happiness. How would people fill in the following blank? If I only had ____________, I would be happy. If I only had ____________, my life would be fulfilled. How do you think people would answer that question?

Now that you have come up with your answers, allow me to share how I feel people would answer that question. Here are the items that I have noticed people believe will bring them happiness and fulfillment of life.

Money. Most of you probably thought of money.It seems to be the number one answer of what people pursue when seeking happiness and satisfaction in life.However, do you know the problem with money?No matter how much you have, if you believe money will give you meaning and purpose of life, you will never have enough and will always want a little more.

Possessions. Maybe you didn’t use that exact word, but you might have thought of the things people desire. “If I could only drive that kind of car I would be happy.” Or, “If I could live in that neighborhood, wear those clothes, have that toy, etc.” Sometimes, we start to believe our possessions will bring happiness.

Friends. Maybe we think that if we have a lot of friends we will be happy. If I could just be popular, then they will like me. If I could hang out with that group of people, I will be cool.

Marriage. Have you ever caught yourself wishing you could have a spouse like someone else has? Many wish they could be married. They feel that life is not complete until they get married. Then, there is the opposite. Some wish they could reverse their marriage. They feel that if they could just get rid of their spouse, get a divorce, then life will get good once again.

Kids. In the same way, often people will believe that having children will make them happy. Once again, there is the opposite. Some believe that if they could just get rid of some of their kids, they could finally have some relief.

 (By the way, have you noticed that most of these items are not necessarily bad things?  However, they never really bring lasting joy and fulfillment. Let’s look at a few others.)

Politics. Some people believe the answer to life is a political party or a person. Only if a certain party could be in control, life would be good again.

Life. Some believe if they saturate their lives in a cause, a noble task, a higher calling, then life will be worth the living. They will do whatever it takes to save the whales or save the planet earth.

Death. Suicide. Some believe that if they killed themselves, then people would love them.They believe that if they killed themselves, then all their problems would go away.However, have you ever heard that suicide and a permanent solution to a temporary problem?

Everyone in this whole world has faith in something that they believe will bring them happiness and fulfillment. Everyone in this whole world has something that they are pursuing to bring them satisfaction. However, these eight items will not bring lasting joy or happiness. There is only one true answer; Jesus Christ.

Christ calls for us to pursue Him. All other pursuits will only disappoint us, Christ is the only answer to life. Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me… I am the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:1,6.   

What will you pursue this year? What do you believe will bring happiness and satisfaction? Jesus is the ultimate answer to that question. 

 About The Author:

Jon Vance started as our Small Groups Minister in 2011 and today he also serves as the Outreach Minister, focusing on evangelism and missions. Jon and his wife, Cheryl, bring over 30 years of ministry experience. They have two married children and four grandchildren.


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