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Sue's Story

Growing up in a Christian household and always having a love for Jesus, Sue Concannon was blessed with an inspiring story that was meant to be shared. Everyone has their own journey and is thrown different obstacles that can dampen their might, but turning negatives into positives, Sue continued to stay strong in her faith.

According to Sue, the first time in her life that God had allowed something to happen that really tore her was when her mother passed away due to pancreatic cancer. This happened 9 years ago when Sue was only 27 and her mother was only 60. Being broken and feeling despondent, Sue struggled to spend time with God; especially reading the Bible. Over the next several years to come, Sue and her husband went through various fertility treatments with no success. The doctors told them they couldn’t have biological children, but were unsure of the reason. Being drawn to adoption, the couple surrendered their hearts and were soon given a blessing in disguise. The couple were matched with a birth mom and welcomed their son into their loving arms on July 22, 2010. According to Sue, this experience allowed her to restore her trust and faith in God after the passing of her mother.

Fast forward to January 2011...the Concannon family moved to Indiana from Michigan due to a job transfer. Upon arrival, the family opted to try the adoption process again in hopes of expanding their family. Only a week after doing so, Sue developed shingles on the left side of her stomach that wrapped around to her back. With these shingles came burning, painful sensations that limited her abilities tremendously. The blisters began to heal after a few weeks, but left Sue with debilitating nerve pain along the left side of her body. A few treatments were found to take the edge off, but nothing could fully restore her. She hired someone to care for her son and her house twice a week (allowing her much needed time to rest), which slowly helped her condition improve. That following April, the Concannon family received news of being matched to another birth mother and welcomed their daughter into the world on June 5, 2013.

March of 2014, the pain returned where Sue found herself struggling to function. Stumping the doctors and running out of treatment options, Sue began to study scripture and spend her time interacting with God. Their relationship grew close and personal when Sue admitted that she had grown a resentment towards God because of all of the struggles in her life. Working from this, Sue states that “He brought me down to a place of repentance and started to heal my heart from the wounds that loss and pain had left”.

By the grace of God, Sue got an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and was given the opportunity to see a neurologist within the same week. With all these tiny miracles happening, Sue began to improve and was given 2 more drugs, some numbing patches, and an additional nerve block. It took her about a week to adjust to the treatments, but she suddenly started to notice a drastic decrease in her pain. For the past 7 months, Sue's pain has finally been manageable and she has been able to live a healthy lifestyle taking care of her children. Her gratitude goes to God for renewing her heart through suffrage, but also providing her with healing and the right medicine to function again.

“Through his infinite power and grace, he has used my pain to heal the wounds of infertility and the death of my mother.” Most people’s lives do not turn out the way they are planned, but God has a story for you and he continues to write it each and every day.




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