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Share Your Story of Love

In the sermon on February 18, 2018, “Following Jesus Along the Path – His Motive,” we discovered that love is the only motive that kept Jesus on the cross (I John 3:16).  God loves us that much.  Following Jesus’ model for us, we too must be motivated by love.  We are commanded to love God with every fiber of our being, and we show it by loving others (Matthew 22:36-40; I John 4:7-21).  Jesus said that we will be known as His followers if we love one another (John 13:35).

Below are the stories of love you have shared. They are stories of a time when someone did something loving for you or when you did something kind for someone else. May these stories encourage you and inspire you.

-The greatest act of love I have experienced in my life is my wife's continued patience with me to elevate my walk of faith.  She has helped me learn what it means to be a Christ follower by being one herself.  She will be doing a full immersion baptism of me in the ocean in the coming weeks as part of our vacation, and I am so excited to dedicate my life to Christ and have my wife be the one to do the baptism.

-My kids and I host a “birthday night” once a month at an Indianapolis assisted living facility. All birthday residents sit at the head table, and we have a fun night.

-At an assisted living facility on the west side, I am loving those who have no one else. Taking the time to know their names, giving them love and encouragement through a hug and time spent knowing them. A smile, helping them know they are valued and loved.

-Every Sunday afternoon, a group of us go to an apartment complex south of Saint Vincent and serve a meal, have some devotional time, and hang out together. There's a lot of love in the room.

-My friend baptized me in 2011. She is my shoulder to lean on! She walks with me and counsels me. She is the heart of Jesus!

-I start approximately nine buses about five days a week during the winter. I have noticed at least three of those drivers starting other buses now.

-When I was a new Christian, my mom passed away. So many people from our church came to the viewing and funeral who didn't know my mom, but to love me! I have never forgotten that!

-My kids and I pray for the salvation of leaders and countries that hate Christians the most.

-Last night, I wrote a letter to my doctor, whose nurse happens to be his daughter.  How fitting it seemed to your message this morning.  It was very moving for me. Excerpts of that letter:  “I started telling my husband about your daughter’s amazing bedside manner… and how much she helped me that morning.  She took my grandbaby while you had me get a chest x-ray.  She secured my baby in her car seat…  She realized how heavy the car seat was with the baby in it, and she carried it around my car and secured my grandbaby in it… She is a huge asset to your practice.”

-Each and every day is started by thanking and praising and loving my Heavenly Father. Then, I do something loving for my spouse...fix coffee, pack lunch, give a hug and compliment. Next, I take the time to do something loving for myself. Pray an extra blessing on myself, give away my troubles, equip myself for my day. Otherwise, I cannot love on anyone else. Finally, I purposefully love on at least one person each day. I love to do things without anyone knowing. Praise be to God only!! 

-Our “love story” isn’t about what we gave but the love we received. When my husband was in the hospital, I texted our best friends (who also go to our church) to tell them what had happened and that my husband was being prepped for surgery. Although our friends had a house full of company from out of town, that didn’t matter – one of them immediately headed to the hospital to be with us. There are times when you just need that kind of love.

-When I was undergoing chemo treatments, people brought meals to my family for four months! Some of the people I didn’t even know. They just saw our hurting little family and were absolutely the hands and feet of Jesus to us!!

-I think it’s important to love on our elderly. That’s why I call my elderly friends whenever I’m headed to the grocery to see if there is anything I can pick up for them.

-We were lucky enough to have an amazing waiter. Out of nowhere, he started telling us about his life story, and at the very end of the night, he thanked us for listening to him. He said to us, "I just felt like I needed to tell you. I knew you both would listen and pray for me." We gave him our number and told him we would pray for him. The next morning, he texted us and said, "Thank you. You both had such an impact on my life."  Amen. God is great!!!

-My wife shows a lot of love in the bus parking lot by going around starting about 15 buses each and every morning, and most of the drivers do not even know who does it.

-On Wednesday, my sister and I brought a meal to a neighbor who broke her wrist.

-I know the Father's love BECAUSE my mother taught and showed me every day of my life. She still shows and teaches me, now a mother myself, and her grandchildren.

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Share Your Story of Love

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